Annual Culture Festivals in Australia

Australia is full of tradition and culture, and as a multicultural country, the celebrations and festivals are varied and extremely unique. This article provides a list with details on some of the most exciting cultural celebrations and festivals in Australia. These celebrations don’t only include music but also fireworks, art, and, most importantly, remembrance.

Australia Day

Australia day celebrated the finding and formation of Australia on January 26 when captain Arthur Phillips and 11 ships of British convicts arrived in New South Wales. Australia’s most important celebration.

Anzac Day

Anzac takes place each year on April 25. It’s a day of remembrance for all Australians as a day that remembers the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. This day was the first major military action in World War 1. On this day, they celebrate and honour all those who have served the nation. The day includes church services, prayers, and parades.

Sydney Festival

Sydney Festival runs for three weeks each year in January. It was established in 1977 and had been gaining popularity each year, drawing Australians and international attendees. The festival encompasses many entertainment factors, including live music, dancing, opera, visual arts, and much more. The festival draws over 500 000 people each year.


Tropfest started in 1993 and has become a major attraction for people from various cities in Australia. It’s seen as the largest film festival dedicated only to short films. Each festival screens for roughly 200 people at the Tropicana Caffe in Sydney.

Throughout Australia, there are live screenings taking place for the festival. Australia is known for some of the most prestigious film awards, and this just proves how innovative and passionate the nation is with films.

Vivid Sydney

Australia’s festival of light and music. With Vivid Sydney, the city and its streets get turned into an outdoor adventure of art and beauty. The streets get filled with light installations, projections, sculptures, music performances at the Sydney Opera House. The festival usually happens during the months of May and June for almost 3 weeks.

These festivals are not only for music and arts but present the importance of celebrating and remembering culture through celebration.