Festival Blogs

Festival Blogs - Festival Blogs

The blogs on this list are all dedicated to writing and music festivals in Australia. Some of the blogs are run by the festivals themselves but also provide more information on the culture behind celebrations in Australia.

Juice Festival blog – juicefestivalblog.com

Juice Festival Blog was established in 2012 in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australis. The blog provides information on annual music festivals and festivals catered to other arts as well. The blog is mainly focused on the youth of Australia who has a love and passion for music festivals and wants to stay up to date on the latest upcoming festival in Australia.

Woodford Folk Festival – woodfordfolkfestival.com

Woodford Folk Festival Blog is dedicated to providing information on the most iconic Australian music festival that still exists. The Woodford Folk Festival is an annual folk music festival that draws many attendees from all over the world each year. The blog discusses upcoming events, shows, artists that are headlining the festival, and much more.

The blog was created in 2015 with a dedication to music lovers and festival-goers.

Abbey Medieval Festival – abbeymedievalfestival.com/blog

Medieval Festivals are hard to find. This blog will give you information on all the upcoming medieval festivals, how to get the most out of attending or taking parts, and advice. The festival itself is the largest authentic medieval festival in the Southern Hemisphere. It is seen as a premier event in the Moreton ay Region of Australia.

Byron Writers Festival -byronfestival.com.au

The Byron Writers Festival is not only dedicated to writing festivals but also to the performance of the arts festivals. The blog provides a platform for intelligent discussion around writing and how to find festivals that may be beneficial to aspiring writers.

Emerging Writers Festival – emergingwritersfestival.org

Writing plays a large role in Australian festivals. With so many talented writers, there are many festivals to enjoy and attend throughout all the major cities, including Melbourne. The blog writes about how festivals are being supported and where the next writing festivals are taking place in Australia.