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If you are interested in taking a role in writing for this blog on a regular basis, you should get in contact with us by email.

We are dedicated to informing the public of Australia as well as Australia on how to find the most culturally learning events and festivals that will give a feel and atmosphere of the traditions are found throughout Australia.

To write for us about upcoming events and festivals in Australia, you will need to have the utmost professional amount of knowledge of the Australian music scene as well as performing arts, festivals, events, and more.

The highest level of knowledge of the English language with grammar, spelling, and punctuation will be tested before acceptance, so any tests being sent back should be written with the knowledge of sending only quality and reputable articles.

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Writing for The Gulf Country Frontier Days Festival Blog will provide any Aussie passionate about the culture and the events and festivals that celebrate Australian culture with vital information on where to attend festivals and why.

With Australia having a rich history in tradition and culture, all writers for this blog needs to reside in Australia and be able to pass tests on their knowledge of tradition in Australia and the importance of music festivals in the country.

As our writers are both organisers oar festivals and events as well as attendees of artistically viewed performances, you as a writer will need to be able to provide e vital informant on how the arts are growing and going reviewed both by the public and professionals.

If you are interested in writing for us, you need to contact us by email and find out how to go through the specific guidelines of writing specially made articles for us to determine your skills in the English language as well as knowledge of Australian culture.